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What is this project about?
This project has transferred pedagogical experience with mobile phone technologies to apprentices’ learning processes during the on-the-job training periods in their vocational educations..

Mobile phones have become the young generation's media no. 1, and the mobile broadband has accelerated development by creating virtual highways for mobile online   communication.

The project has elaborated a learning module for teachers and trainers on how to take advantage of this for vocational education and in-company training.

The outcomes
From 2008 to 2010 the project has worked on developing, trial-running, implementing and disseminating these products:

    1. 'Reflection tool'
      Freely available software, to be used for supporting apprentices in distance learning and training.
    2. Train-the-trainer module
      A pedagogical concept for VET teachers and in-company trainers in the adaptation of mobile learning devices for training apprentices at a distance.
    3. 'Do's and Don'ts'
      A catalogue with recommendations on distance learning and training of apprentices, when using mobile phones.

Who is involved
Training companies, VET institutions and students from 5 countries are involved in the project: Denmark, Turkey, Germany, Portugal and Spain.

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